The Dynamism of Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are as follows according to a recent post on called “Harnessing the Power of Feedback Loops”..

“..[Feedback Loops] Provide people with information about their actions in real time (or something close to it), then give them an opportunity to change those actions, pushing them toward better behaviors”


Furthermore, there are 4 distinct stages that encompass a loop…

  • Data or evidence – pertinent tools must be in place to capture a behavior in action.
  • Relevance – how that data relates to us or to the participant for which that data was captured.
  • Consequence – taking that data and developing a path or many paths toward change
  • Action – the participant makes a choice and changes that behavior for the better.

Rypple is a service that brings together multiple channels of feedback into quantitative data that companies can use to improve their employees behaviors. Success Factors, a service we @ Varrow use internally also has this capability as part of its broader suite. Rypple in particular allows feedback from essentially four different feeds: Co-workers (known or anonymous), work goal progress tracking, supervisory feedback and co-worker affirmations. See how one of the largest tech companies in the world uses feedback loops.

What I like about feedback loops via Rypple is the anonymous co-worker feed. The greatest feedback I have ever gotten was feedback I didn’t want to hear. It was data that was presented in a way not to harm but to improve. If I improve then those around me improve and vice versa…